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How To Build Your Dream Remote Career By Becoming A Real Estate Developer

Are you trying to juggle working from home with motherhood AND building your dream career? Here’s how becoming a real estate developer could work for you!

If you’re a mum looking for a career change, working from home is a great way to find the right work-life balance. It can be a juggling act to take care of all your competing priorities, but it can also be an extremely rewarding change.

Due to the changing state of the workforce and the availability of more high-tech solutions, remote careers are becoming more popular than ever. And so, if you’ve ever thought, “I’d love to start a business that allows me to work from home,” becoming a real estate developer is one very viable option.

Property development does require some capital and certainly some research and guidance, but you can also find a lot of flexibility. Let’s look at some considerations for working at home as a property developer.


The benefits of a remote career as a property developer

There are many reasons people want to work from home, and these are just a few.


Benefit #1: A career that allows you to spend more time with your family

If you asked most people what they’d like to change about their work, it would probably be something about spending more time with family and friends.

A remote property development career allows you to balance work and family responsibilities far more easily than a traditional on-site job.


Benefit #2: Remote careers mean less commuting!

There aren’t too many people who leap out of bed in the morning, excited for their morning commute 😉

Whether it’s time stuck in traffic or the discomfort of over-crowded public transport, getting to work isn’t a lot of fun. Working remotely as a property developer means you can forget about that draining morning trip to the workplace.


Benefit #3: Working from home is more cost-effective than leasing an office space

Becoming a real-estate developer is a job that can be done from home. You’ll certainly need to attend some meetings from time to time, but most of those can be done via video call.

If you started another type of business that required retail or office space, the rent alone makes it difficult to succeed.


Benefit #4: Create flexibility around your work and home life

Working from home is all about flexibility. Throw in the fact that you work for yourself as a property developer, and you’ve got all the flexibility you need. Essentially, this career gives you back your time, and you can plan the rest of your life around it.


Benefit #5: Stay in the workforce for longer

While things are slowly changing for the better, the reality is that it is still often the mother who stays at home with the kids in their early years. In some cases, this means giving up a job or even a whole career.

Remote careers such as property development give mums the chance to stay in the workforce, continue to earn an income while raising children.

How to get started with your Property Development career


How to get started with your Property Development career

Like most things in life, property development requires some startup money.

Whether you’ve been saving, or you have equity in your current home, there are multiple ways to finance your first project. The most important thing to do is plan your finance and budget accordingly.

Banks and lenders are typically your first port of call, as you need to know what you can borrow. It’s best to have contingencies built into your budget, just in case there are unexpected costs along the way.


Tip 1: Start Small with your property development

Most people start small when it comes to property development, and townhouses are a good option. They’re relatively affordable to build and can be sold or rented for a profit quickly. However, to ensure your project is profitable, you’ll need help finding a professional townhouse builder within your local area.


Tip 2: Work with local building professionals

How much you want to get involved in the ins and outs of your property development project is entirely up to you.

As a work-at-home mum, you’ll need to plan your time accordingly in line with your expected involvement. There are many residential project management solutions out there – essentially teams of experts who handle the design and construction of your property.

If you already have some experience in real estate or construction, you’ll have a good idea of what to look for. Builders should have extensive experience in property development, as the process is considerably different than simply building one residential home.


Tip 3: Plan your time

Working in property development can be unpredictable. Even with the very best planning, you never know when the construction and design team may need you.

The great thing about remote careers though, is that you’re in control of your time. So, prioritise according to your needs. If you have set times that children or other people need you, plan your availability around that.

Remember, it’s about getting a better balance between work and home life, not working constantly while at home.

If you know you’ve got some phone calls to make, have some ideas in place for how you’ll entertain the kids while on a Zoom Call. Also, if you have youngsters napping during the day, try to coordinate this to give you some distraction-free work time.

Remember, things won’t always go according to plan, and that’s totally fine. Be flexible with your planning to always allow enough time for everything.


Tip 4: Switch off from work

One of the pitfalls of remote careers is that you can get sucked into always being in work mode.

Being a work-at-home mum is tough, with competing priorities throughout the day. The temptation is to deal with everything else and put work last, but this often means you work into the night or through mealtimes. Again, this goes against the entire idea of gaining a greater work-life balance.

So, be strict with your work hours. You may have different schedules depending on the day, but once family time arrives, make sure you can switch off from work and enjoy the evening.

Becoming a real estate developer can also be stressful, so committing to ‘family-mode’ is a great way to look after you mental wellbeing, too.


Are you ready to transition into a remote career of property development?

Remote careers can be extremely rewarding, but it just takes a little planning. If you’d like to transition to a lifestyle that offers more time for yourself and your family, property development is an excellent industry to explore. Take the time to plan, set yourself up properly, and remember to always work with trusted property development professionals.

Jing Liu

Jing Liu is a work from home mum who is juggling the demands of raising three active young boys with her own career aspirations. Through her determination and hard work, she retrained herself and established her own Brisbane based digital marketing agency. Jing's genuine desire to help other stay-at-home mothers is reflected in her passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise on ways to earn money online.

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