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Empower Your Momprenuer Online Business With This Digital Marketing Strategy

One thing I know for sure is that we mompreneurs are juggling multiple roles, and it can be nerve-racking at times. One thing that saved me from the super stressful years of establishing my business along with a new daycare and shifting homes was a solid digital marketing strategy.

We mompreneurs are championing multi-tasking, wearing many hats, and making a strong impact on the economy. However, the effect can increase manifold by employing a digital marketing agency that can deliver expert digital marketing strategy services. Engaging a professional team will help amateur mums create a strong, resilient digital presence.

According to recent research by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), women make up about one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide. A significant number of these entrepreneurs are moms.

Here, I’ll share some foolproof digital marketing strategies that helped me with my online business. All these strategies are testified by multiple individual mompreneurs in their respective ventures.

So, emerging mompreneurs and SuperWAHMs, take out your swipe files and take notes! 🙂 I’m certain you’ll see a significant change when you follow these straightforward yet vital steps. They’re crafted to help you create a strategy that paves the way for success in your business.

Mompreneur's Digital Marketing Strategy


Step-by-Step Guide to Mompreneur’s Digital Marketing Strategy

We all know that entrepreneurship has flourished in recent years as more people have chosen to work from home. With the changing landscape and competitiveness of digital marketing, new mompreneurs should consider working with a leading digital marketing agency for their online business. It’ll help facilitate them in developing a robust strategy to set their business up for success.

Using a professional team will help establish your brand and convey your message to the right audience. However, it’s important to also understand the process of how things work online, and to be able to pick the right resources for you.

So, here is a step-by-step guide to a digital marketing strategy that will support you jump on the bandwagon and get started in the right direction.


Step 1: Understanding the Mompreneur’s Audience

You don’t want to sell a comb to a bald person or a steak to vegans! Every product or service has its special audience, and you need to target them.

Identifying and understanding your audience is the first step in comprehending their pain points. This background research will facilitate you in curating effective digital marketing strategies for your target audience.

If you are still unsure who your target audience is or what to offer, here are some top business ideas for mompreneurs that you can select from. Choose one by weighing its pros and cons and start the one that is lucrative for you.


Step 2: Set Clear Goals and Objectives for your Digital Marketing Strategy

To serve your target audience, start by setting clear goals and objectives. Your priority should be to set SMART goals: that means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals.

It helps to document your short-term and long-term goals so you can see if you’re actually achieving them. Define the targets that align with your brand vision and track progress through key performance indicators (KPIs).


Step 3: Build a Strong Online Presence

According to recent research by Siteefy, there are over 1.09 billion websites on the internet. By the time you read this, the number will not be the same as a new website is built every three seconds.

In today’s digital landscape, building a strong online presence is predominant to your brand. It is, in fact, the foremost step in curating an efficacious digital marketing strategy.

As a winning mompreneur, you should have an online presence across multiple online channels like websites, social media handles, and email newsletters.


Step 4: Craft Compelling Content

You may have heard the saying, “Content is king.” If so, you’ve heard right!

Persuasive content can work wonders in curating a powerful digital marketing strategy, winning your audience, and keeping them hooked to your product or services.

Crafting compelling content is an ongoing process. It keeps your brand relatable to your audience while educating them.

Your content should be the right mix of informational and entertaining content. Throw in some how-to guides, practical tips, and advice along with your brand identity and some inspirational stories.

But how do you create content that resonates with your target audience? This is where you can benefit from seeking advice from a digital marketing agency. These professionals can assist in the development of your content calendar. They can also help publish content across various channels, such as your blog, social media platforms, and email newsletters.


Step 5: Leveraging Social Media Marketing

The best advice I can give you in 2024 is to leverage social media for your online marketing.

TikTok and Instagram are no longer for high school kids. Today, serious conversions happen across these social media platforms.

A great strategy is to embrace the power of video content as YouTube has emerged as the second most viewed website with over 33 billion visitors. By posting regular video content across these sites, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and ultimately get more conversions.

The best thing about social media marketing is its low cost. This makes it a perfect choice for emerging mompreneurs. If you are looking for more lucrative options, here are some more low-cost marketing ideas for work-at-home moms.


Step 6: Include Proper CTA and Testimonials

As obvious as it sounds yet, according to recent research, 7 out of 10 small businesses lack proper Call To Action (CTA) buttons on their website. This hinders their conversion rate to a large extent.

Help convert your online traffic by adding a clear CTA button on your website, social media posts and email marketing communications.

We all know the power of personal testimonials. As mothers, we can often disregard multi-million-dollar campaigns, instead listening to what our fellow mothers are endorsing. Leverage this in your online business, too. Take testimonials from your previous clients and showcase them proudly. Brownie points if you’ve got video testimonials.


Step 7: Monitor and Measure Success

Every brand is unique and requires a unique strategy tailored to its customers’ needs. A competent digital marketing agency will not only help you build a compelling content calendar but will follow up with the results.

Experiment with different strategies and check what works for your brand. Change your strategy by keeping a close eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) and adapt likewise.

Digital Marketing for mompreneurs


Ready To Grow Your Online Business With These Digital Marketing Strategy Tips?

We know that with the changing economy and recent layoffs, many women today are turning to mompreneurship. This work-for-home culture enables securing decent income while staying close to their kids.

A strong digital presence is going to make a world of difference to your online business. It is key to conveying your brand message and reaching a wider audience.

The steps I shared today will help your online business off the ground. Otherwise, you can always hire a competent digital marketing agency to help curate a digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific brand.

Understanding basic digital marketing will help you be more involved and confident for your online business. Use this confidence to navigate your business and pick the right resources to help you grow as a mompreneur.

Courtney Burden

Courtney Burden is a work-at-home mom to two beautiful boys, aged 4, and 18 months. She is a digital marketer and co-founder of DCB Digital. Her passion for helping businesses grow and the deep love for my family are the driving forces behind her thriving business.

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