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Benefits Of Becoming An Online Math Tutor

Becoming an online math tutor can be a great way to offer essential services to the community, earn extra money from home, and maintain flexibility in your lifestyle. Online tutors are rapidly gaining in popularity with the development of online tutoring platforms, and the invention of programs such as skype and zoom.

Skype and Zoom allow you to share educational content on your screen, and maintain full visibility of the student and their reactions while they maintain visibility of you. The development in technology has meant online tutoring can be just as effective as face to face tutoring.

After I had my first child I was looking for ways to supplement our family income whilst I was caring for her. My background as an elementary teacher made me a natural fit for online tutoring and I’ve found whilst my teaching techniques had to be adapted for the online environment, many of the techniques are still valid to ensure you get knowledge transfer to the student.


What are the key benefits of becoming an online math tutor?

  • Comfort: Work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexibility: Much more flexibility and control of when you work.
  • Time Management: No time is spent commuting. Your hourly rate is also maximised, and you don’t have the additional running costs associated with traveling.
  • Basic Equipment: Standard computers with easily accessible software is all that is required for you to teach online – you don’t need any specialised equipment.
  • Student Engagement Monitoring: The software allows you to see and monitor the student for engagement to ensure you have their full attention when passing information. I recommend students work with headphones on to minimise external distraction.
  • Life Skill Development: You’re helping students develop an essential life skill in an increasingly digital world.
  • Online Teaching Resources: There are a significant amount of Free Quality Math Teaching Resources available online in digital formats. It is easy to access online teaching materials for customising your tutoring plans.


What are the benefits for parents of hiring an online math tutor?

  • Safety: If parents were concerned about leaving their children with tutors unsupervised, online tutoring can offer them some comfort.
  • Child Responsiveness: Some children may respond well to online tutoring as they are in the comfort of their own home. Learning at home can feel like a less formal and “boring” environment than what some children feel when they enter a classroom.
  • Less Intimidating: Some children find it less intimidating learning via a tutor online, rather than face to face. Online learning can break down the barriers to distraction associated with face to face education.
  • Wide Selection Pool: Parents can choose from a wide range of tutors from online databases rather than being constrained by tutors within a geographical area.
  • Ease of Swapping Tutors: If the child is not responding to a particular tutor, there is a large pool of other tutors that are willing and able to continue their Childs’ education.
  • Flexibility in Timings: Life is busy so parents can book in a tutor when it’s convenient for them.
  • Personalisation: You can personalise the students work – 1 on 1 tutoring allows you to focus completely on the needs of the individual student to maximise their results.
  • Supervised Technology Engagement: It allows engagement and development of their child with technology in a supervised environment.
  • Isolated Families: Families in isolated areas can access quality tutoring services with convenience.
  • Record the Sessions: Some tutors will allow recordings of the lessons so the student can reference them at a later time if required.
  • Comfort and Environmental Control: Students should be set up in an office space with minimal distraction to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed and ready to learn.
  • More Cost Effective: Online tutoring is cheaper as you aren’t paying for additional costs associated with the tutors travel.

What qualifications do I need to become a math tutor?

Online math tutoring benefits, Earn Extra Money From Home

Whilst you don’t need a degree in teaching to become a tutor, you need to have a minimum of a high school diploma. Different employers or tutoring platforms may require some form of recognised qualification or certification.

I highly recommend some form of tutoring certification as a minimum if you plan to become a maths tutor. Your profile will stand out from others, you will have more credibility, you will be a better educator and you will get paid a better hourly rate.  Certification is available from associations such as the:


How much do online math tutors get paid?

Standard online math tutoring rates generally range from $10 to $50 per hour. $20 per hour is a very common rate charged by math tutors. Free teaching materials that you will use such as Multiplication Tables and Worksheets are downloadable – without the need for travel, your outgoings are minimised so your hourly rate will go straight into your pocket.


Where can I find online math tutoring jobs?

There are a wide range of platforms that are looking for quality tutors to deliver online maths tutoring services to their clients. A few of the popular platforms are:


Why not get started?

Becoming an online maths tutor is great way to help others develop essential life skills while you earn extra money from home. It offers complete flexibility and control whilst still being an effective learning medium for the students. I give it the big thumbs up. If you already have a recognised teaching qualification, why not give it a go!


Sarah Zodanski is an enthusiastic elementary teacher turned online tutor and stay at home mother. She has a passion for childhood education – particularly for the development of essential life skills of her students. You can find out more about Sarah here: