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Is Cooking At Home Creating You Stress? Try These Time-Saving Tips When Using An Air Fryer

Are you a work-from-home mum who loves to cook at home for your family but doesn’t always have the time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone 🙂 A lot of us WAHMs are in the same boat. The good news is, if you find yourself in this position, an air fryer could be a game-changer for you.


Surprising Benefits of Air Fryers for Busy WAHMs

Air fryers cook food quickly and evenly, so you can whip up healthy and delicious meals in no time. And because they use little or no oil, they’re much healthier than traditional frying methods.

Cooking at home with an air fryer also saves money, as you’re not spending on takeaways or eating out as often. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your family and get everyone involved in the kitchen.

These cater for all family sizes because of the various air fryer capacity sizes available. If you have a small family, you may not need a large fryer. But if you have a large family, you might want to get an air fryer with enough capacity to accommodate everyone’s appetite.

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How To Save Time When Cooking at Home With An Air Fryer

Over the years, I’ve spent heaps of time analysing weekly meal plans of work-at-home mums and dissected each meal cooking time into repetitive steps. I’ve been able to use this to figure out time efficiencies that can help you save those precious minutes in the kitchen.

So, I’ve collated some of my top tips that will help you slash huge amounts of time off your cooking schedule every week. Let’s get cooking!


Tip #1: Shopping for ingredients for air fryer meals

Plan your meals at the beginning of each week. This will save you time spent wandering aimlessly around the supermarket, and you’re less likely to impulse-buy ingredients that you don’t really need. This will also save you money every time you shop.

Planning your weekly shops also help you reduce the number of times you need to visit the supermarkets

Bonus tip: Collecting a bank of air fryer recipe cookbooks will help make the weekly meal planning even more efficient.

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Tip #2: Prepping air fryer meals in advance

Once you’ve planned your meals and shopped for the ingredients, do as much prep work as possible in advance. This could involve chopping vegetables, marinating meat or fish, or making sauces and dressings. Doing this before you start cooking will help the whole process to run much more smoothly.

Bonus tip: Organise your fridge like a production line. Pack your ingredients in a set linear sequence to save you time and effort every time you’re ready to cook.


Tip #3: Cooking with an air fryer

Cooking with an air fryer is incredibly quick and easy. Simply preheat your air fryer, add your food to the basket, set the timer and temperature, and let it do its thing.

In most cases, food will be cooked in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods. This is why air fryers have and continue to take the kitchen appliance world by storm.

Bonus tip: If you’re cooking for a large family, invest in a larger capacity air fryer.

This will save you time, as you’ll be able to cook bigger meals in one go. There are many air fryer capacity guides out there!


Tip #4: Easy air fryer recipes for beginners

Not sure what to cook first? There are so many resources online for easy air fryer recipes for beginner cooks. These include classics like roasted chicken and chips, as well as more adventurous dishes like Thai green curry.

Air fryers have brought faster, healthier and tastier meals to millions of households around the world. They are also a great appliance that helps in cooking healthy meals at home for your kids!

Bonus tip: Snapper is one of the best fish to cook in an air fryer. It’s quick, easy, and healthy – perfect for a busy weeknight meal.

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Tip#5: Cooking multiple air fryer meals at once

One of the great things about air fryers is that you can cook multiple meals at the same time. So, if you’re short on time, why not make two or three meals in one go? This could involve cooking different dishes in different baskets or cooking multiple batches of the same dish.

Cooking with an air fryer promotes multi-tasking without losing your mindfulness and productivity because it allows a separation of tasks.

This is because you know you can forget about the cooking until the air fryer timer rings to let you know that your meal is ready. And because your air fryer will turn itself off after it’s done with the cooking, you can focus on your task without worrying about a break-in concentration before you’re over the hurdle.

Whether it’s working while you’re waiting for your air fryer to cook the first meal, or whether you’re cooking another batch of food while you enjoy the first batch.

You can even cook the third batch and beyond by the time it comes to cleaning up the dinner table and packing the dinner plates into the dishwasher.

Bonus tip: Cooking multiple batches of the same dish is a great way to save time.

Investing in an air fryer with a larger air fryer capacity brings in economies of scale. Simply cook one batch, then store the leftovers in the fridge or freezer for another day.


Tip #6: Serving air fryer meals are quick and easy

Once your food is cooked, it’s time to eat! Air fryer meals can be served straight from the basket, meaning there’s no need for extra plates or bowls. And because they’re so quick and easy to cook, you’ll have more time to enjoy quality family time around the dinner table.

Bonus tip: If you’re worried about scratching your air fryer basket, cook your meals with parchment paper and/or silicone mats.


Tip #7: How to easily wash your air fryer after meals

Cleaning your air fryer is simple – just remove the basket and give it a quick wash in soapy water. In most cases, the whole process will take less than five minutes.

Bonus tip: Again, use parchment baking paper or silicone mats to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your air fryer.

These can be placed in the bottom of the basket and will help to prevent food from sticking and burning.

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Ready to get cooking a home with your air fryer?

I hope these tips have inspired you to get cooking at home more often with your air fryer. Be strategic with your time, and take full advantage of unbeatable air fryer cooking times to the benefit of your working and family life.

Master these tips and before you know it, you’ll be way more efficient in the kitchen, and able to spend more precious time with the family. It’s easy to do, even as a busy work-at-home-mum.

Cooking at home with an air fryer is a great way to save time and money, and it’s also a lot of fun, tasty, and healthy. A true win-win! So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking today!


Claire Baker

I’m Claire Baker, a work-at-home mom who loves fried foods :) I have two young boys who I love to cook for. But being a busy mom, I needed a way to balance the budget and still provide tasty, healthy meals for my family. I stumbled across the air fryer and have started a leading air fryer cooking blog to help inspire families to eat healthy, tasty food whilst still having those precious family moments.