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How Gallstone Pain Changed My Life for the Better!

When I got diagnosed with cholelithiasis – commonly known as gallstones – I was faced with some important changes in my life. Not only was the prospect of living with a disease intimidating, but the constant thought of ‘am I always going to be in this much pain?’ just couldn’t leave my mind. Luckily, this stone (or stones) in my path only served to lead me into the healthiest lifestyle I could imagine.

To put you in context, gallstones are small pieces of solid material that form in the gallbladder, a small organ beneath the liver. They are created for several reasons, but the main one is the excessive consumption of cholesterol, which cannot be properly processed by the body and then transforms into these small stones that can cause a lot of pain when they find their way into a conduct. In short, gallstones pain is caused by a poor diet.

What you eat is what you get

It’s funny how many times we hear about how bad eating habits affect our health, and how little we actually pay attention until we’re living every day in pain because of it. Finding out how the way I ate was causing my body to react this way threw me in for some major changes in both my life and that of those closest to me.

The first and most important of these changes was how my health became the main priority. I discovered that looking after what I put in my body and actively caring for it not only helped my gallstones problem, but actually made me more conscious of all of the room for improvement I had in almost all aspects of my life. By taking care of my body, I also started taking care of my mental health, my family, and my work in ways I never had before.

My diet became the #1 target of change, and once I started being selective with my foods, and only eating what was best for me, I not only started to feel a significant improvement in my gallstone pain, but also in my overall energy levels and well-being.

Was a gallstones diet really the solution for so many of my physical problems? Yes. This is because a diet like this takes all those high cholesterol, excessively fatty foods and cuts them out of your life; all the soda, sweets and processed sugars were gone and the results were life-changing. And what was I supposed to do with all this newly acquired knowledge and experience? Well, share it, of course!

My gallstones gave me focus

Once my health issues were in check and improving considerably, I took it upon myself to help those suffering the same pain as me, and my little contribution took the form of an online blog in which I dedicate myself to sharing everything there is to know about a gallstone diet, and how a change like this only represents a new opportunity to do your body right.

This online space was created to offer specific yet simple solutions to attack gallstones pain from the root, if what is causing this issue for you is a poor diet. We show you how close a pain-free life actually is with some discipline and the right information, all coming from someone who went through this battle and came out with a lot healthier person.

I discovered what foods work best for me, not just as someone with gallstones, but as a woman who wants to live her life to the fullest, and the least I can do is help others achieve that same potential thorough something as simple yet important as a good healthy diet.

Pain does make you stronger

At the end of the day, it hasn’t been only about reluctantly changing the way I eat so I could feel better, but about truly understanding what it is I need to reach my full potential. By letting good and significant changes come into your life, you won’t be spot-treating one tiny, malfunctioning part of your body, but setting yourself up for the healthiest person you can be.

By sharing recipes, grocery lists, and nutritional advice for gallstones sufferers, I found something I’m truly passionate about.  It also allows me to contribute to a large community of like-minded people plus work from home at the same time, and that alone has made this whole journey worth it!

Jane Hamptom

Jane Hamptom has turned her life around by discovering a healthy diet not only makes her feel healthier but also helped cure her persistent problem with gallstones.  She now enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.