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How I Came To Work From Home In Digital Marketing

Learning how to buy, renovate and sell websites for a profit has enabled me to move from an exhausting salaried job for a large organisation to working from home in the online digital environment. It is an exciting time for me and my husband as we learn how this internet world functions and how we can use it in a positive way to earn from home home on the internet.


I had never worked from home before!

Now in my 60s I am at the wonderful stage of life where I can choose how I spend my time. I’m no longer a working Mum of young children that need feeding, clothing and a structured routine including transportation to various out of school activities. And I’m not yet a grandmother taking on the role of looking after grandchildren while my kids go out to work to put food on the table and provide a home for their children.

In fact, until now, I’ve never worked from home. I have always been a salaried employee working set hours outside my home. And I was always able to work around the hours my husband worked as a full-time salaried employee in a number of different jobs.

Gaining digital experience to work from homeAfter the kids were born I worked weekends at a public library when my husband was home to look after them. It was good for us both – I got to meet a whole new group of dedicated workers and talk about things other than my children, and it was good for him too – he got to see the challenges of making sure that kids were dressed and fed in time to get to sporting activities. Both he and the kids also got to know each other better which has had enormous ongoing benefits for their relationships.

When the eldest of our three children was ten years old, we moved interstate to be closer to our parents as they got older. My husband had organised a new job, and I took on the role of settling the children into school and a new community. I became an active fundraiser in the school, and was able to get some hours as an Integration aide allowing me to be home when the children were home.


My Journey to escaping the 9-5

A couple of years later when I thought the kids were ready to be home alone for a couple of hours, I managed to find a casual librarian job at a University that was out of school hours. Wouldn’t you know it, the day I started, my two younger boys were coming home from school when the youngest one fell off his bike and broke his wrist. That was a traumatic time for all of us and my heart still lurches when I think of it.

I then managed to get a second casual job in the medical library at the local public hospital and was lucky enough to later be given a permanent part time job in this role. Unfortunately, a couple of years later I lost the casual University position and the medical library downsized so both jobs were gone within 6 months. Fortunately though, as a permanent employee at the hospital I was transferred to the Medical Records area so I was able to keep the income coming in.


Redundancy and ditching the 9-5

It was wonderful that my husband had continuous full-time employment throughout this period of time. But when a redundancy package was offered to those in the organisation over 55 years of age he decided that he would take it. He was ready for a rest from the rigours of working in a stressful environment, but after a couple of years, and because I was unable to find full-time work, he started to consider other income earning opportunities.


Earning Money Online At Home!

My husband went to a workshop in Melbourne where he discovered a program by business entrepreneurs, Matt and Liz Raad, where they talked about how to buy, renovate and sell websites for a profit.

What an amazing idea! An online business opportunity where he could work from home, in his own time, with no internal organisational politics and management failures to contend with, and a large saving on daily travel and parking expenses.

And I could do it too!

Frustrated female who needs to get into online marketingI gave notice in July of 2018 that I would retire in October. My manager decided at that point that I needed to be employed full-time. While undertaking my usual duties, I needed to train three part-time staff members to replace me. I also had to participate in a project that had just been funded to identify the direction that Medical Records should head in to keep up with changing practices.


It was a tough few months, and I was very much looking forward to the prospect of a new career direction from the comfort of my home.


The challenge of working from home

My last job had been very challenging and left me stressed, exhausted and in need of space and time to regain my sense of identity.

My husband had completed the digital training courses provided by Liz and Matt Raad that taught him how to build an online business and how to start a website that makes money. He was facing the challenge of sourcing local businesses who needed websites built so they could get their businesses online.

And we were learning to share our space and time to an extent that we had never done in over thirty-five years of being married.


Our new life in digital marketing – exciting times!

As I hadn’t been able to do the digital marketing course provided by Liz and Matt Raad while my husband was devoting time to it, I decided to rejoin the course. I quickly learnt how to build websites for money.

I now have two local websites under construction – Jeff’s Services Australia, and Ginosko – Rebuilding Relationships (which is not yet available).

My husband has been able to revisit and update his digital marketing training as well and he has joined a couple of local business networking groups which have provided him with some leads for local website builds. I’m also very proud of him for joining both Toastmasters – to enhance his persuasive marketing language – and the local Rotary Club, which is a great way to ‘give back’ to the community.

Building websites for local businesses has been a great way to learn how to make money online. We’ve gained new knowledge about designing websites and understanding what your customers are looking for. We now have the  SEO skills to get our sites ranking, and we understand the elements of building a website.

With this knowledge we are now going to focus on building, buying and renovating  portfolio websites to sell affiliate products and advertising.

It is such an exciting time for us. We are keen to understand how this internet world functions and how we can use it in a positive way. Apart from learning a huge number of skills that are required for online marketing, we are learning to use our different skillsets to work together as a team.

I am very pleased this is an experience I can share with my husband at this time of our lives. Thank you to Liz and Matt Raad for sharing their expertise in teaching us beginners how to create an online business through digital marketing.

Ros McKoy

Ros McKoy is an aspiring digital marketing entrepreneur who is building, buying and renovating websites from her home near the beach. Whilst her children are no longer living at home, they are delighted that she has taken up the challenge of reskilling in digital and learning how to make money online. She is very proud of her first website build: Jeff’s Services Australia 2020