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Easy Vacation Fun With America’s Fastest Growing Sport – Pickleball!

Looking for a fun vacation activity your kids can do that gets them outside and away from a screen?  Find out why pickleball is the perfect activity and why work at home moms and kids will love it!

If you are looking for some easy vacation fun that your kids will love, why not try a pickleball game?

As the vacation period approaches, it’s always difficult for parents who work from home to find creative ways to keep their children engaged and entertained.

While baking and ice cream making are great on a cloudy day, nothing beats being outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

The game of pickleball is a great way of promoting physical fitness and social interaction among kids.

Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, making it accessible and enjoyable for kids of all ages.

To make the most of this family-friendly sport, parents can start by investing in some basic equipment like paddles, balls, and a portable net. Encourage your children to learn the rules with you by watching online tutorials together, or sign up for a local clinic to have some expert instructions.

Maybe create a mini-tournament within your family or encourage your children to invite their friends to join in for a pickleball day.

Pickleball provides a healthy outlet for your children’s energy while creating teamwork development and social interaction that isn’t in front of a screen.


What is Pickleball and why it’s America’s fastest growing sport

Pickleball is an exciting game which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

It was developed in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington State by a group of dads looking to keep their children entertained during a vacation.

Sound familiar!!

They improvised with some paddles, a perforated plastic ball (wiffle ball) and a lowered badminton net and made up the rules as they went along.

No one can really remember how the game got the name but one thought is it was named after their dog called Pickles!

Fast forward 50 years and this has now become the world’s fastest growing sport, attracting people of all ages and skill levels.  There is now a professional pickleball association and it may even become an Olympic sport.

Pickleball’s popularity has grown with its easy-to-learn rules and reliance on strategy rather than brute strength.  Pickleball is becoming incredibly popular with the younger generation and is now in schools, leisure centres, and local parks.

One of the main reasons for this is the sport encourages players to test their agility, coordination, and ingenuity in a fun, social setting.  It is good exercise and can be fast paced and very competitive or a game of family fun that everyone can participate in.


How to get your kids started with Pickleball – equipment, rules and regulations

To get your kids started with pickleball, you just need a few basic pieces of equipment.

This includes a paddle, a pickleball (a plastic ball with holes), and a net. Pickleball sets can be purchased online quite cheaply.

The game has some simple rules and regulations that are easy to pick up.

You can play singles or doubles, like tennis, but it is much more fun to play as a doubles team.

It’s played on a badminton-sized court with a 7-feet non-volley zone around the net.  To add to the zaniness of this games name, this area is also known as the kitchen!

Unlike tennis, your serve must be underhand and land within the service area, diagonally on the other side of the court.

Only the serving side can score and you need to hit a winning shot. A game ends with the first team to reach 11 points (with a 2-point lead).

How to serve in Pickleball


Safety tips for playing Pickleball

Pickleball is undoubtedly an enjoyable and exciting sport for people of all ages, but it’s essential to keep safety in mind while you’re having fun on the court.

A friendly tip is make sure you invest in quality equipment, especially proper shoes with good lateral support.  Runners or tennis shoes would be good.

Also, a comfortable grip on your paddle will stop blisters from forming after a few hits.

Remember to warm up before starting a game, as this can significantly decrease the likelihood of injuries.

Finally, keep court boundaries a safe distance from walls, fences, and other players.

Hydration is important as well, so bring a water bottle and take breaks when needed.


Benefits of pickleball – physical activity, social interaction, skills development

Pickleball is a fantastic way for kids to engage their body and also their mind while being outdoors and social.

It’s true that the main benefit of pickleball is physical activity but it also strengthens their muscles, improves their coordination, and gets their heart pumping.

However, that’s just scratching the surface of its benefits.

As a social sport, pickleball brings kids together from all walks of life, encouraging friendly competition and camaraderie on the court.  Plus, they’re continually developing new skills by evolving a game strategy and enhancing their mental agility with every match.

Benefits of Pickleball for kids


Where to play Pickleball – local sports centers, parks and community centers

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect place to play pickleball, there are plenty of options available such as nearby local sports centres, multi-purpose gyms or neighbourhood parks.

Parks often have areas where pickleball enthusiasts have set up temporary nets to play in the fresh, open air.

Community centres are another great choice as they are known to host pickleball social events, making it easily to find other partners or teams for your children.


Tips for parents on how to keep their children engaged during school vacation with Pickleball

With its easy-to-learn rules, pickleball makes for a fun vacation activity.

Pickleball provides a wonderful opportunity to promote physical fitness and social interaction in kids.

A simple pickleball set of paddles, ball and net is enough to get you started.

You will be amazed at how fast your children can pick up the basics and become competitive!

Plus, it’s not hard to find a group of pickleballers who are ready and willing to share their advice with beginners.

Not only is playing this game physically beneficial, but it also instills in children important skills such as problem-solving strategies and teamwork development.

With many sports centers, parks and community centers providing open courts during the summer months, there are plenty of opportunities to partake in the game without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and enjoyable activity that allows your children to stay active during the break from school, consider introducing them to pickleball.

Whilst there are many other vacation ideas you can try with your kids, pickleball can easily be set up in your back yard or driveway.  This lets you continue working at home while your kids play outside.

Have fun this vacation with pickleball!


Pickleball Patty

Patty accidently found pickleball when she was looking for some gentle exercise her aging mother could do.  She wanted something that was social and fun and easy to learn.  Patty is a work from home mom, the founder of Pickleball Patty and has a love of writing and blogging. She is passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities learn to play this sport and enjoy the social interaction.