Personal Development

Where Business Growth and Personal Development Collide

Personal Development on a Business Growth Blog?  Why do that?

Ok, I know this is unusual.  Most business blogs are all about the business growth, how to market, how to sell, create products, building a website, attracting customers.  This site does that too, however we go further.

I firmly and totally believe that you can’t run a successful business, at home or elsewhere, without developing yourself.  Business growth will only be as effective and successful as the businesses owner and/or manager.

There are two sides to every business – the public side that clients and ‘everyone’ sees, that’s out there in the street, on the web.  And then there’s the private, and more important side, what’s behind and inside the business.

The public face of your business is like the tip of an iceberg, showing only a very small portion of the whole.  Underneath is a mammoth structure that supports that visible tip.  The larger and stronger the base structure, the more business growth and development the tip can have.

For a Work At Home Mom business, having a strong foundation – yourself – is even more important than in a bricks and mortar business.  Our businesses are a part of us, we develop, birth, grow and nurture them ourselves – often in blood, sweat and bucket loads of tears.

Most women – not all women but most – struggle with self esteem issues, negative self-talk, mental blocks and inferiority.  These issues inhibit our ability to grow our businesses.  We hold back, don’t talk about it, dismiss it as a little home business.

What can you see happening in your business if these were not an issue for you?

This is where WAHM Biz Builder is set apart from other WAHM Coaching businesses, this is what makes us different.  While our main focus is your WAHM business, our foundation is based on developing YOU.  Getting rid of those mental blockages, helping you feel good about yourself and your business, working with you to demolish the negative thinking and habits that have bound you in the past.

Where has fear stopped you in the past?

When are you going to let go of it and stop allowing it to run your life and stunt your business growth?

Melinda Jameson

Melinda is the founder of and started this site to share her best work from home ideas to help other Work At Home Mums become more financially independent and able to spend time with their families.