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YES! Chickens Can Teach WAHMs How To Relieve Stress When Working From Home!

Are you a Momprenueur working from home? Feeling Stressed? Let the Chickens help you 😊


Chickens may not be the first animal that comes to mind when looking for ways to relieve stress. But if you’re feeling stressed working from home, there’s a lot you can learn from observing chickens. Believe it or not, chicken behaviour can teach work-at-home mums six stress-relieving lessons.

If your idea of a chicken is running around a yard in a fluster, then think again. Chickens are relatively stress-free birds that take time out for themselves, enjoy social interaction, and keep moving. Additionally, they are never afraid to spread their wings—even if they can’t fly.

So, if you feel that you need to shake off some pent-up anxiety that all mompreneurs experience and relieve stress, read on to learn some essential lessons from chickens.


The Challenges of Working from Home

Relieving Stress when working from HomeWhen the global health pandemic struck in 2020, many working mums had to start working from home. Even though working from home has its benefits—no long commute, more time with the kids, and saving money—it also has challenges.

Studies show that work-from-home employees faced feelings of isolation, stress, and disruption to work-life balance.

So what can you learn from chickens about relieving stress when working from home?


6 Amazing Stress-Relief Lessons Chickens Can Teach WAHM’s

Let’s face it—chickens can be fun to watch as they strut around a yard pecking at grains and bugs. But there’s a lot of stress-relieving techniques that you can learn from a chicken’s habits.


Tip #1: Make time for yourself every day

Despite being social animals, chickens take time out every day to lay eggs. You’ll notice that chickens prefer a quiet, private area where they can get comfortable and relax.

In fact, without a relaxed environment, chicken productivity can suffer, and they may not lay as many eggs.


Ways to reduce stress Like a Chicken

Meditating to Relieve StessIf you’re working from home, it’s vital to make some quiet time every day. This can be tough if you’re working and living in the same place. You might also have kids to care for as well as household chores.

However, taking yourself away from distractions and creating a relaxed environment can bring down your stress levels.

  • Find a quite space and listen to your favorite music, or do a meditation.
  • Take a long relaxing bath and maybe burn some candles, to give a more relaxing environment.
  • Take time out to read a book in an area away from all distractions.

A 2015 study confirmed that quiet time results in decreased stress levels. The researchers found that nurses working in stressful environments benefited from being in a peaceful, low-light environment. This easy, stress-relieving technique is easy to implement and doesn’t cost anything.


Tip #2: Don’t stay cooped up Inside All Day

Another lesson work-at-home mums can learn from chickens is to avoid being cooped up in the house all day. Chickens are relatively social birds and thrive on company. Chickens love to roost, forage, and dust-bathe with other chickens. Usually, a solitary chicken won’t thrive without social interaction.

One of the challenges when working from home is dealing with feelings of isolation. Zoom calls, Facetime, or video conferencing can’t replace physical interaction with others.

It’s also more challenging to have informal conversations with colleagues. But these conversations lead to greater job satisfaction, better social support, and increased productivity when working from home.


What can I do to stop Feeling Cooped Up?

Chickens Relaxing in a Dust BathSo, learn from chickens and ensure that you spend regular time with friends and colleagues.

  • This could be a short walk together, meeting up for a coffee, or an informal video call.
  • Taking the kids to the park.
  • Spending time in the garden.
  • Spending time Caring for your Baby Chickens


Tip #3: Staying active throughout the day reduces Stress

Take a lesson from chickens and stay physically active. Free-range chickens are usually always on the move as they forage for food. Observers have noted that healthy chickens are active for most of the day.

While this is in their nature, chickens that roam outside have better feather condition and are generally healthier. On the contrary, cooped-up chickens in battery cages tend to become sick faster and more often, lay poorer quality eggs, and become depressed.


Ways to stay active when working from home

Physical Activity Helps Relieve StressMost people are aware of the connection between physical activity and stress relief. A strenuous workout releases endorphins which are “feel-good” hormones. Also, staying physically active reduces weight, lowers blood pressure, and boosts the immune system. When working from home, it’s vital to have a good exercise routine to remain fit.

  • Go for a walk with the Family or a pet
  • Get out in the garden if this is something you enjoy
  • Find something you like to do, eg. Go dancing, play tennis, bike riding

If you haven’t done any of these activities for awhile, build up gradually so that your muscles don’t get too sore.


Tip #4: Stick to a Healthy Diet When Working from Home

When left to fend for themselves, chickens forage on healthy grains, plants, vegetables, and fruits. And maybe the occasional frog or mouse. Typically, issues with a chicken’s health occur when owners feed their birds an unbalanced diet.

The same type of diet for chickens—whole grains, plants, vegetables, and fresh fruit—is ideal for humans as well.

Maintaining a healthy diet can help balance hormones and lower levels of stress. Too many treats or unhealthy food can lead to weight gain and, not surprisingly, increased levels of perceived stress.


Tip #5: Spend Quality Time with your Family

Some Chickens become broody and hatch out their own baby chicks. They then spend a lot of time teaching their chicks how to drink and scratch around for food. Mother hens protect their chicks and keep them warm.


Release Stress when doing Activities with your Family

Activity to Lower Stress in WAHMSpending time with your children or other family members can be a stress relieving activity.

The fun and enjoyment you get from teaching your kids a new task, whether it is how to cook or carry out a craft will help you release tension and relax. Laughing and relaxing together is a good way to reduce stress.


Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and try new things

Although chickens aren’t known for their flying abilities, it doesn’t stop them from flapping their wings and trying. Chickens can fly—granted, not very far, about 40 or 50 ft. But they make an effort to use what they have.

Why not learn this vital lesson from chickens, to try new things—even if you don’t think you’ll be successful.

This could be learning a new skill, making a career change, or something else outside your comfort zone.
The thing is, if you don’t try, you’ll never know how far you can go.


What Mompreneurs Can Learn from Chickens about Stress Relief — Wrapping Up

Chickens can teach you a lot about how to relieve stress if you work from home. Taking time out for yourself, staying active, and spending time with friends and family are just a few of the stress-relieving habits you can learn from chickens.

Victoria Matarella

Victoria Matarella is a work from Home Mum, who enjoys spending her spare time with her friends, family and backyard chickens. Having grown up raising chicks and learning about their care, she now aims to share her knowledge and passion of keeping chickens with others through Happy Chicken Coops.