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Insomnia: Is Your Pillow Keeping You Awake At Night?

Not a good start to your day when you are a busy WAHM!  The good news is, help is at hand…


Are you a work at home mom who’s finding it difficult to get a good nights’ sleep? Exhausted when you hit the pillow and then churning through the events of the day, you just can’t turn off. And the next day dealing with work and the kids you think you’re going insane from lack of sleep and the next night it starts all over again.

Well, have you ever thought that it might be your innocent pillow giving you insomnia?

Using the right pillow that matches your sleep style could make all the difference. Better still you could be on the way to having, dare I say, a blissful night’s sleep.

Pillows can impact the quality of your sleep and how you rest and recharge each night.

Using the wrong pillow can worsen many conditions such as neck pain, headaches, discomfort, shoulder and arm numbness, sneezing, and wheezing.  Your pillow could be exacerbating the underlying problems that cause these symptoms.

If you are suffering from insomnia, you might have chosen the wrong pillow for you and your sleep position.  Choosing the right pillow could help solve your incessant insomnia problem and provide you with a blissful night’s sleep.



What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the total lack of sleep.  It can be attributed to an unsuitable or poor mattress, or even something as simple as using the wrong pillow.

Many people who suffer from insomnia could be sensitive to shoulder compression, poor skeletal support, or dysfunction of the cervical spine.  Stress-related insomnia can be relieved when the muscular system recovers during sleep.

When you get a good night’s sleep, your brain and body are able to really slow down. As a busy mom, this means that through the day you are well-rested and get can more done. For more inspiration on this topic check out a great article from Melinda Jameson: Imagine slowing down and getting more done



Effects of Pillows on your quality of Sleep

Choosing the right pillow is very important in achieving a blissful night’s sleep.

A great pillow will support the neck and skull without applying any extra pressure as it conforms to the exact shape of the sleeper.  It spreads the weight evenly and uniformly along the vertebrae.

Sleeping with the wrong pillow can affect your neck, head and back.

A pillow that is too fluffy or too flat will put your spine out of alignment. 

Pillows are a constant but hidden cause of irritation for many sleepers.  They have the potential to cause severe neck problems as they aggravate the sensitive muscles and facet joints in the neck. This will likely result in stiffness of the neck and possibly overall back pain.

If your pillow is the wrong fit for you, you may find yourself adjusting it all night long.  This will cause frequent tossing and turning, making it harder for your body to relax into deep sleep.  This may result in extreme fatigue the next morning.

Also, your pillow may simply be worn out. A quick test is to bend your pillow in half.  If it does not resume its original shape, it’s time for a new one.

Blissful night sleep



The Quick Guide to Choosing a New Pillow to Give you a Blissful Night’s Sleep

To select the proper pillow for your needs, you need to consider two major factors, your sleeping position and what kind of fill you want your pillow to have.   The best pillow will reduce neck pain and help those suffering from insomnia.


Consideration #1: Sleep Position

First, you will have to take into consideration your sleep position.  Different positions require different types of pillows to ensure that your spine is properly aligned.


Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require a thick, firm pillow.  This will keep their ears in line with their shoulders.  Their necks will be prevented from overextending in either direction.


Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers should opt for a soft, thinner pillow.  This will ensure their neck stays in a neutral position.  Some experts also recommend the placement of a pillow under the shoulders for proper spine alignment.


Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should choose a pillow with a medium thickness.  It will need to keep their necks aligned without arching their heads forward.


Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers need a plush pillow where the fill can be moved around.  This will allow for the best position to be found as they toss and turn.



Consideration #2: Pillow Fill Options

Each type of pillow fill has different characteristics that are important to consider before making a purchase.  Some are fluffy, some are flat, some are machine washable, etc.


Down Pillows

The fluffiest pillows available are down pillows. However, a down-and-feather combo will be less expensive and firmer.


Down Alternatives

Down alternatives are soft and even more cost effective.  They are a great alternative to traditional down if you are allergic to feathers.


Memory Foam Pillows

There are two different types of Memory foam pillows either solid memory foam pillow or shredded memory foam pillow.

Solid memory foam pillows give you an extra supportive feel, but the fill is not movable.

Shredded memory foam pillows still provide a supportive feel, but the memory foam fill can be manipulated for a better fit for your head and neck..


Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are squishy, like memory foam.  However, the filling bounces back more quickly.  Like memory foam, latex pillows are either shredded or solid.



Final thoughts on choosing the right pillow

Having the right pillow can make all the difference in the world for someone suffering from insomnia.

It can relieve neck pain, back pain, shoulder aches, stiffness and discomfort. And most importantly, it will help you relax properly instead of tossing and turning which leads to sleepless nights.

Choosing the right pillow is dependent on two major factors:

  1. First, the type of sleeper you are will decide what kind of pillow you need.
  2. Second, the kind of fill you want will affect which type of pillow you use.

Have a think about the type of sleeper you are and do some research so you can select the best pillow possible for your needs, you will then be well on your way to a blissful night’s sleep.



Anneliese MacDougall

Anneliese MacDougall is a work at home mom who suffered insomnia for years. She tried everything until one day a friend suggested it might be her pillow. She did a lot of research and eventually tried changing her pillow which worked! So, today she is passionate about helping other hard-working moms who are also suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep.