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5 Reasons To Start A Home-Based Business

As if I’m not busy enough with my teaching and my cats, I’m also contemplating the many reasons to start a home-based business. And you know what, there are actually many more pros then there is cons. For me, I’m likely going to concentrate on online products to compliment my existing blog work about me and my cats. But what if you are in a different situation and see a home-based business as a means to free up some time and do some really great stuff in your life? Well, I say, go for it.

The Benefits Of A Home-Based Business

If you’re still a little unsure about starting a home-based business, or have some doubts, just look at the following benefits I’ve come up with.

1. So You Can Spend More Time With Your Family

I’m not going to lie to you about this. Owning and operating a home-based business is going to be a lot of work. However, since you’ll be doing all of it at home, you will be able to find a balance sooner or later where you can spend more time with your family while still earning an income at home. The best part about having a home-based business is that it will reduce your business costs to a point where your bottom line is not far and revenues should bring you profits much quicker than if you had a business downtown or on the highway.

2. Become A Stay-At-Home Parent/Partner/Cat Owner

Regardless of what your regular role is in your family, one thing is for sure, once you start working from home with a home-based business you’ll become a stay-at-home whatever. That’s actually a good thing, especially if you happen to be an important part of your family or household. For example, my cats are pretty excited about me only working away from home part-time and that I do a lot of blogging as part of my home-based business. They get to see me more this way and I get to share more time with them, which keeps me grounded.

3. Beat Down Debts And Save Some $$$

As I’ve already hinted, your expenses will be reduced when you have a home-based business when compared to a standard brick and mortar storefront. It is because of the savings that you should actually find extra cash that can be used to eliminate any outstanding debts. At the same time, you will be able to increase your savings. This can be used in many ways like for a vacation or maybe some new toys for your cats. Regardless of how you spend it, when you work from home you will find a very positive change in your cash flow.

4. Collect A Few Awesome Tax Deductions

No one likes giving the tax man more than he deserves and when you have a home-based business you end up with a legitimate way to write off a lot of stuff. This is legal, and it can really turn into a huge saving and sometimes even refunds at tax time. Naturally, your home-based business has to be producing something to give you these write offs, but in the bigger picture, you will be further ahead when you have a work-from-home set up allowing you to save money, taxes and give you more time with those you love.

5. Be Able To Buy That House, Car, Boat Or Cat Condo

Pretty much as soon as you have your debts covered from extra revenues earned through your home-based business you will suddenly come up with a list of new things to spend money on. That’s okay because when you have a work from home situation, you’ll be able to better manage such expenses as a new house or vehicle. The additional income will give you that leeway.

There Are So Many Reasons To Start A Home-Based Business

The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages of having a home-based business. It’s more common than you may be aware with many communities filled with entrepreneurs who have business offices in their homes. It’s an attractive way to conduct business without upsetting your household. Plus, with the internet, it is much easier to set up shop from a laptop computer sitting on a nightstand in the corner of the livingroom. Online programs can assist with invoicing, accounting and so much more which means it is far easier now to be working from home. My home-based business is currently helping me to pay off my student loans, save a little for something special for myself and it gives me quality time at home with my cats. Those two points right there were my two core reasons to start a home-based business. What are yours going to be?

Jeanie Henderson

Jeanie aka CrazyKittyChick Jeanie is an elementary school teacher by day and cat blogger for Top Cat Condo by night. When she isn’t preoccupied with her two mischief makers (Doogle & Roger) she’s exploring and sharing new ways to make money online.