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Health Coaching – My Journey From Diabetic to Wellness

Looking back on my journey into health coaching, it now makes sense that nutrition and wellness would always be a part of my life. At just 14 months of age I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and my parents were counselled on all the horrible things that would happen to me because of my disease.

I’d probably lose a foot at some point and my kidneys would quit too. A normal life was out of the question and I’d be dependent on insulin injections, monitoring my highs and lows for the rest of my life.

When you are backed into a corner, sometimes the only option is to dig your heels in, grit your teeth, put on your big-girl pants and calmly demand, “There has to be another way”.

As a teenager (and a gazillion Doctors appointments later) I was a little numb from all the doom and gloom. But deep inside there was a fierce little warrior who didn’t buy into it.

She was pushing back and told me a different story, which I believed. That little girl inside of me didn’t want to just survive, she wanted to thrive.


How Nutrition was the Key to My Health and Wellbeing

As soon as I was able to start making my own independent choices I threw myself into understanding my disease. I learned how nutrition was a huge factor within my control that would dramatically improve the quality of life and my health and wellness.

I started asking myself questions that gave me possibilities, rather than accepting facts. I learned early on that the quality of questions you ask yourself, determines the direction you take in the moment, in your day, in your disappointment or frustration. That, practically speaking, is what positive psychology is all about.

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Questions like:

  • “What’s just one little thing I can do differently to make things better?”
  • “How can I make these changes with ease and flow?”
  • “Why do I deserve to feel good and enjoy an abundance of energy?”


Just as in business, in terms of my health, giving myself quality questions for my mind to focus on, gave me another frame of reference. In switching up my frame of reference I created a life way better than all the doctors, specialists and ‘experts’ thought possible.


Learning Coaching Skills Helped Me Thrive

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was essentially coaching myself to better wellness. In my early 30’s I became a mother and now have two fierce little warriors to lead through life. They see me strength train regularly and manage my diabetes through informed dietary choices with minimal high and lows and know their mummy is gifted with Diabetes (rather than cursed by it).

Diabetes has been the best gift I could ever have been given. Diabetes taught me to question and be curious; to pursue what I feel matters and never take my health for granted. And, now in my health coaching practice in Brisbane, I’m blessed to use my experience and knowledge on nutrition to support others on their journey to wellness too.


Teaching Diabetics How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of people think that a health and wellness coach is there to tell you what to do. My coaching clients are quick to ask, “Chrissie, tell me what to eat! Tell me what to do! Tell me what’s right and wrong!.” But through my study of coaching psychology, I know that if I just tell them what to do, that leaves them powerless and needy!

My aim is to empower and educate my clients. I take the time to help them to discover their ‘why’ and then explore the best changes and choices for them. When you understand “your why’ you’ll build a strong foundation for long term positive change. Then the ‘what’ and ‘how’ are easy to implement.

Because, let’s face it, I could sit here and give you the perfect nutrition plan, health and exercise plan all wrapped up with a long-term wellness strategy. BUT if you don’t have a powerful reason (your why!) to make all the changes necessary for optimal health and wellness then the information is useless!

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So I encourage you to ponder….

  • Why do you want to change your health? 
  • Why is it important to you right now? 
  • Why is this time going to be different? 
  • What does abundant energy look like to you? 
  • Why do you deserve to feel better and enjoy your life to the fullest? 

These aren’t easy questions to answer, but they are the game-changers for real change and long term positive changes of your health. And that’s what I’m passionate about.


Health Coaching Allows me to Empower Others to Improve Their Health and Wellness

Through health coaching you gain support for your own self-discovery rather than having someone telling you what to do. Remember that next time you think about asking someone for help with your health and wellness. Better yet, reach out to me as I would love to help you on your journey towards improved health. And if you like me, have found improved health and wellness and want to share that gift with others, consider a career in health coaching – like me, you won’t be disappointed.


Chrissie Keynes

Chrissie Keynes is a type 1 Diabetic who has thrived thanks to her passion for learning and taking control of her own health. She now uses everything she has learned to help others both with their Diabetes Management and other health issues eg. weight loss, pain management, life stressors. You can find out more about Chrissie and her Brisbane based practice here: