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How to Reduce EMF Radiation When Working From Home

With the rise in people now working from home and setting up for home office work, it’s becoming more and more important to put steps in place and make sure that we are reducing our exposure to EMF radiation. Electromagnetic frequencies from our laptop, computer screens, mobile phones and even power points – all may have an effect on the human body. Some possible symptoms of EMF exposure may include lack of focus, brain fog, eye strain or even headaches. By reducing our exposure to EMF radiation and even blue light from our screens – we are putting steps in place to create a safe work environment and protect the family home from electromagnetic frequencies.

Here are some of our top tips for reducing EMF radiation from your workspace when working from home:

EMF Radiation Protection, Home Office Work

  1. Look into investing in EMF protective home office and computer solutions that offer EMF protection or reduction. One of our favourites is this laptop radiation protection pad from Defender Shield.
  2. Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses whenever you are using a digital screen (especially at night). Suitable for the whole family, blue light blocking glasses may help prevent eye strain, brain fog, macular degeneration and help to balance circadian rhythm, for a better nights sleep.
  3. Plug in all devices where ever possible to reduce wireless radiation that’s omitted from Wi-Fi. An easy solution is to use an ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi (it’s a little old school, but definitely worth it for your family’s health!) or wall plug such as the Tesla Gold Series to protect from ‘dirty electricity’. There are also handy adapters that are available for most mobile devices. All of which, are available for purchase through Amazon.


Here are 4 easy steps of reducing EMF in the family home:


1.     Choose the appropriate light globes can help reduce EMF significantly:

When trying to choose the right light globes to reduce blue light and unnecessary EMFs from the family home, it’s best to try not install low-voltage Fluorescent Tube, Halogen, or Energy-Efficient Compact Florescent Lighting. There is increasing advocacy for energy-efficient lighting solutions while overlooking their ability to create ‘dirty electricity’ and EMF radiation that may be omitted from the transformer. Instead, you should use cleaner LCD lighting technologies and EMF safe light bulbs to reduce EMF radiation in the family home.


2.     Power Down to reduce EMF

Most people would rather keep everything powered up to avoid the hassle of plugging in and out every time they need to use the devices. One of the best ways of reducing EMF in the house is to power down.

This means connecting your devices to a switch so you can turn them off whenever you do not need them. This is an effective way to reduce EMF in the family home. Also, unplug everything that is not being used.

Turn off WiFi and all power points at night and switch all devices to Airplane Mode before going to sleep. If you use your mobile as your alarm clock – try to place it at least 2 metres away from your bed. Limit children screen time to 2 hours per day and encourage them to play games that don’t require wifi, where possible. If they are using your device to watch a movie – download it, to save your child from being exposed to unnecessary EMF radiation.


3.   Restricting EMF Exposure Time

Restricting time spent using wifi for entertainment purposes, such as watching Netflix and try to avoid screen time 1 hour before you go to bed to try and help balance your circadian rhythm for a better nights sleep.


4.     Get Rid of the Microwave

Getting rid of the microwave may not be easy, as a lot of families rely on the microwave to heat up quick meals – but it will do you a whole lot of good because it can help lower microwave radiation significantly. If you need to warm up food, you can always use the stove (double boiler method), the oven grill or eat more fresh and raw foods.


By following the above tips, you will be able to reduce EMF radiation and help keep your family safe. A great thing you can do is to educate yourself more on how to use electromagnetic shielding products named above and how you can reduce the amount of EMF radiation in your home office and family environment.

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