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Launch Your Own Website With A Competitive Edge

Updated Sept 2021

Are you a Solopreneur ready to Launch Your Own Website? These 3 Web Design Tips Are A Must…

Welcome back SuperWAHM’s!!

In our recent post with 3 Hot Tips on How To Build A Website for your Home Based Business, we discussed defining your business intentions, and allowing customers to get to know you better.

Next we will delve a little deeper to look at your business products or services, and really focus on getting your personal brand out there in the marketplace.

Getting down into these nitty-gritty details will really help give you that competitive edge and let your website stand out from the rest.

Now, before we get started – I wonder if some of you out there are thinking “Why aren’t we talking about how to glam up our website?!”.

I get it – it’s so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to build a fancy website with all the bells and whistles – oh those fancy pop-up boxes, rolling visual slides, embedded videos, all those pretty pictures… We’ve all been there!! As a Melbourne Website Agency, we’ve seen all sorts of “trendy” websites that should look great, but end up being very distracting (and non-functional).

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Well patience my solopreneur – until we know the fundamentals of our website’s purpose, and what our customers actually want, then there’s not much point diving head-first into an elaborate website build. But, once we get this nutted out, then we can start our focus on website visuals and layout.

Ok… enough chat – let’s get on with it!


Top 3 Tips To Launch Your Own Website

Tip #1 – Let Your Website Showcase Your Home Based Business For You

Your website should place your products and services in the best light possible. This can be done in a multitude of ways, ranging from written content, good quality images, and perhaps even videos or graphics demonstrating what you are offering.

Now, let me put a disclaimer for all the overachievers out here! This does not mean you need to build a massive website from day one, with thousands of pages, images and videos. Literally take a step back and look at this process one day, and one page, at a time.

Remembering our tips from the last post – you want to keep the pages of your website nice and simple, and definitely not cluttered. Always keep in mind:

What would your customers want to see when they come and visit your site?


Tip #2 – Provide a Great User Experience on Your Website

Have a think about how you would want your clients to engage, either with each other or directly with your business.

You could incorporate a form of social media or an interactive blog or forum. Keeping customers up to date with new products, news, competitions or information will help create client engagement. This can also provide your customers (or any new visitors to your website) with a sense of wanting to know more so that they will keep coming back to your website.

Remember, repeat business is much easier than finding new customers in the first place. So always entice your customers to want to come back for more. How do you do that? One simple word – Value!!

Providing great value in the information you provide, and in the products/services you offer will create the ultimate client experience. Think about when you’ve had a great user experience – did you return to that business as a repeat customer, or did you perhaps refer your friends?


Tip #3 – Make Sure Your Website Leaves a Lasting Impression

Your brand and image is the most important part of your business. Therefore, the theme of your website should be consistent with the overall brand of your company. We don’t want to create a ‘cookie cutter’ website that just copies another competitor – if you do this, why would clients or visitors want to choose you?

Creating your own personal and unique site will stand out from the crowd and go a long way to stamping your brand to the market place. Remember, you don’t have to do this yourself. As long as you have that clear vision, a good web developer can help put this together for you. As a Melbourne Web Design Agency, we’ve helped hundreds of clients launch their own unique websites that create a lasting impression.

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BONUS TIP: Have A Mobile-Optimized Website That Looks Good on any Device

People are becoming busier and busier every day and are doing more of their online searches ‘on the go’. You’ll want to make sure your website is mobile-responsive which is not only important for Google and other search engines, but also for the visitors’ user experience. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to view a site that doesn’t fit properly on a mobile phone or tablet.


A good web developer will design a site that looks clean, easy to navigate around and has a clear purpose.

You might decide to work with a web design agency, of maybe you want to do it yourself. Either way, we hope these tips will either give you more confidence to launch your own website that has more of a competitive edge, OR be able to communicate with an agency exactly what you want for your site. As a solopreneur, you hold the key to the quality and style that reflects your own business.

Calem and Jenn Koek

Calem & Jenn are award winning digital marketers, and are the founders of Elevate Websites in Melbourne. They are passionate about helping local businesses connect with their ideal audience, and personally mentor entrepreneurs in growing their home based business.