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Family Holiday Kickstarts A Money Making Website

As a mum of a nearly two-year-old and devoted wife to a very loving husband, I wanted to find a way to make money online that would allow me to work the hours that suited me and did not require me to leave my child every day to go to a 9 to 5 job. For quite some time, I have been interested in starting a website and earning an income online however, I was always stuck on finding a niche?


How to Pick A Niche to Make Money Online…My Unique Discovery

I had heard that one way to find a niche was to identify problems in everyday life and solving these problems by providing people relevant and quality information.

Anywho…. moving forward a few weeks, I had just finished booking all the flights for an AMAAAAZING family holiday to the Philippines which required us to fly in and out of Manila Airport aka Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) 6 times and go through 3 terminals (this is what happens when you travel to a country made up of 7000+ islands where domestic transiting is through a central hub *sigh*).

I knew that Manila Airport had previously been voted one of the world’s worst airports, and because I was aware that all the terminals were kilometres apart (literally), I wanted to find out prior to our trip as much information as possible to make the trip smooth. I really wanted to know how we were going to transfer between the gaping distance between terminals, find a quality hotel near the airport for our overnight stays and things to do in Manila as had stop over there.

I began searching the internet and realised that there was a lack of information for what I was seeking. All I found were poorly presented websites that were difficult to navigate and extremely challenging to find the desired information. It was frustrating to say the least.


My Light-bulb moment – The Perfect Niche To Get Started Online!

I had a lightbulb moment when I realised that this was the niche I was looking for and decided to create a new website called Hello Manila Airport.

I started compiling a list of questions and information that people travelling to and from the airport might want to know. This was a perfect opportunity as I could conduct personal research during the one of many visits to the airport. As I only had limited time at the airport on each visit, I enlisted the help of research writers located in the Philippines to assist with information I did not have time to obtain whilst transiting.

Armed with great information, I got to work buying the domain name and building my new website, Hello Manila Airport.

Once the website was built, I sat back and went, “WOW I just built that!” My next thought was, “well how am I going to earn an income from this website?”

Fortunately, prior to this I had been doing some education about learning how to build and monetise websites so I knew there were ways to generate income from this idea.


How I Decided to Monetise My New Website

My Hello Manila Airport website is setup to make money online in two ways:


Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing before or unsure how it works? In short affiliate marketers earn commission-based income by promoting other services and products.

Hello Manila Airport provides relevant information which includes links and adverts on where to book, hire cars, private transfers and tours. When these links are clicked on, and purchases are made at the service providers end, a small commission is issued to me for each successful transaction.


Online Advertisements

Just like placing advertisements in newspapers, magazines or billboards, you can earn an ongoing income by placing advertising banners on your website. Direct advertising where you approach potential customers or even better where customers approach you can be very profitable! At time of writing I am still working on this aspect of my website, but it’s an awesome concept. Watch this space!


Finding a niche and building a website can seem daunting at first. However, I suggest you start making note of problems or questions in your life that you need answers for. Taking such considerations can help you find your idea or niche. Building the website Hello Manila Airport has taught me so much and has made me realise that I can earn money by working when I want which will allow me to spend more time with my family. Get some education on website building, then take a leap of faith today and just do it!

Roselle Mercado

Roselle Mercado loves experiencing the scenery, food and culture of her mother’s Philippines homeland. This inspired her to build her first website on the Philippines  Roselle loves keeping busy building websites which has allowed her to transition from her 9-5 job to working online on her passion websites full time.