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The Ultimate Guide: How To Launch a Website Design and SEO Business from Scratch

Ever surfed a website and thought, “Wow! This website is just what I need!”? That’s the magic of skilled web design. It’s like being handed the keys to your dream home; everything just feels right.

But what if you could be the architect of that digital house? What if you had control over every pixel, font choice, and colour scheme?

I’m talking about becoming a website designer—working from your own cozy corner at home. It’s not just about crafting beautiful websites though…

The real power lies in having proper SEO optimisation behind beautiful website design ideas. Imagine creating sites that are both stunning AND Google-friendly! Sounds amazing, right?

Now picture this: 46% of all Google searches down under have local intent… Can you see what we’re getting at?


Why Website Design and SEO?

If you’re an at-home mum in Australia, website design and SEO might be the perfect career or business for you.


Well, first off, nearly half of Google searches in Australia are local! That means businesses need websites that not only look good but also rank well on search engines and social media.

Being a website builder allows you to flex your creative muscles while helping businesses establish their online presence. With SEO skills, you can ensure these sites get found by the right people—boosting traffic and potential sales for your clients.


How to Start a Website Design and SEO Business

7 simple steps to starting your own digital business from home…

If you’re thinking of diving into the digital world, starting a website design and SEO business could be your ticket. But where do you start? We’ve broken it down into seven simple steps for you…


Step 1: Create a Business Plan

The first step is always planning.

Decide what services you’ll offer—whether it’s web design, SEO, or both. As a leading digital marketing agency in Brisbane, Web9 offers web design, SEO and content marketing for local businesses, primarily SMEs, with online visibility.

Creating a plan is like mapping out your journey. Deciding the destination and route for your journey is essential. So, first things first: define what success looks like for your website design and SEO business.


Step 2: Determine Your Services

Choosing the services you offer is comparable to selecting which dishes to serve at a banquet. You need to consider what your clients want, but also what you’re good at cooking (your skills).

Are you strictly looking at web design and SEO, or are you looking at content management and marketing as a scaling option for later? What about website maintenance? Your scope of services will impact the resources you need to run the business as well as the pricing that will make it profitable.

Maybe you have an eye for branding or know how to craft engaging copy? Then logo design or content creation could be more menu items.

Your experience as a mum working from home may even give insight into the niche markets that need your specific help.


Step 3: Establish your brand

To create a unique identity for your Website Design and SEO Business, you need to establish a strong brand. This includes choosing the right name, logo, and colours that resonate with your target audience.

Your business name should be catchy but professional. A memorable logo will help clients remember you. The colour scheme must represent what you stand for as it’s often linked to emotions.

You also want to set yourself apart by focusing on certain niches or specialties within website design and SEO services. For instance, if you excel at creating websites for local businesses in Australia, make this known.


Step 4: Domain registration

An excellent domain name is something that any website visitor will find easy to remember. The shorter the better, they say.

But sometimes, being true to what you’re offering is enough even if you go a few characters longer. With that said, having a custom domain makes everything more professional… and personal. If you’re doing it right, website visitors will know just from your web address if you have something that they need or not.

Domain registration is done through a domain registrar or though hosting service provider. They both offer a domain availability checker tool so that you can choose the best domain name option available to you before committing to a purchase.


Step 5: Build your website

If you’re brand new to website design, then you can always use platforms like Wix or Squarespace for DIY, codeless designs. You can easily find tutorials online that give step-by-step guides on how to do this.

Otherwise, my personal preference is using the WordPress platform for mine and my clients’ sites. WordPress allows a lot more flexibility for website optimisation and customisation, so that you can create a functional website that looks great for your client and is more robust for their business in the future.


Step 6: Find new Clients

Gaining customers for your Website Design and SEO Business may appear intimidating, yet it doesn’t have to be. You need to make sure you’re visible where your potential customers are looking.

One effective method is through networking events. Here, you get the chance to meet other business owners who might need your services.

Also, a well optimised website showcasing your portfolio not only builds your brand but also improves lead generation. There’s no better assurance for prospects than seeing firsthand what you’re capable of doing for their businesses.


Step 7: Continued Education

Whether you start learning through online courses or self-tutorials, what you need to know from the start is that getting into digital marketing is a commitment to lifelong learning of the trade. SEO, in particular, changes at the whims of big search engines. So, what you’ve learned yesterday will only hold true until the next big update.

My advice – learn the foundations, and then keep up to date with marketplace changes.

Even if you currently find yourself on the outside looking in, it’s never too late to start retraining for a new career or business in digital.


The Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home can be a game-changer for mums, particularly those venturing into website design and SEO. It gives you the flexibility to manage your time between work tasks and family needs.

You’re not alone in this shift towards remote working either. A FlexJobs report revealed that remote work has grown 91% over the last decade.

The benefits are clear: better work-life balance, increased productivity without office distractions, and more savings by eliminating commuting costs. Plus, no stress about daily commute, especially in the morning! You get to create a comfortable workspace at home while also being there for your little ones.


Master Work-from-Home Success with a Thriving Website Design and SEO Business

Launching a website design business is no walk in the park… but it is possible when you have the right roadmap.

Finding new clients might seem daunting…

Yet with smart strategies and persistence, you can build a strong customer base. Remember too: working from home has its unique benefits—better work-life balance and increased productivity are just two perks!

The key? Merging captivating web design with SEO know-how for Google-friendly sites that shine… Not sure where to start? Check out the course available eBusiness Institute.

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